A new approach to alternative investment strategies


Empiricism is a way of life at SC Capital.  We understand that we cannot predict the future and that what we know is limited.  However, that’s precisely the environment in which we thrive.  While uncertainty is a barrier for some, it provides ever-changing opportunities for us.

We believe in an empirical approach to investing not bound by theory, but proven over time by real-world results.

Performance Based Fee Structure

Our compensation structure does not include a management fee.  Instead, we elect to only take a percentage of our realized profits.  This means we only profit when we make money for you.  It is simple and straightforward

Transparent Business Structure

Our job is simply to make money for our clients.  We do not handle client funds in any way outside of trading. We partner with world-class brokerages to ensure the highest standards of fiduciary integrity.

Risk Management

Managing risk and uncertainty in the markets is our business.  We employ a multifaceted risk management solution including continuous position monitoring and selective market entry to manage our downside.



Based in Huntsville, Ala., we specialize in trading Spot Foreign Currency (FOREX).  We achieve our trading using proprietary trading algorithmic and real-time risk management  systems in addition to discretionary techniques
  • NFA Member since 2010
  • More than a decade of forex trading experience
  • More than 15 years of investment management experience
  • Multidisciplinary background in finance, engineering, and the sciences



SC Capital’s CAP-FX One program is designed for non-accredited individual investors looking to add meaningful portfolio diversity while limiting downside exposure to risks.




  • $10,000 minimum investment

  • Separately Managed Accounts

  • 1% average risk per-trade

  • 0-and-30 fee structure

  • Taxable and Tax-Efficient Accounts (IRAs) Accepted

CAP-FX Alpha 

SC Capital’s CAP-FX Alpha program is designed for accredited individual investors and institutional investors.  The program objectives allow investors to capture more opportunities in currency markets.




  • $100,000 minimum investment

  • Separately Managed Accounts

  • Variable Per-Trade Risk Levels

  • 1.5-and-15 fee structure

  • Tax-Efficient Accounts Accepted


Each client represents a cherished connection to SC Capital.  Therefore, it is important to us that you understand and are comfortable with the processes that drive our investment decisions.  Our management team is available to handle any questions or investment concerns you may have.


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